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electro, electronic music, electronica Disco/Electro: Two genres from different eras, both with roots in seventies funk. [[Disco]] took its name from the 'discotheque', the 70s clubs devoted entirely to dance music, where the groove was the most integral part of the music. [[Electro]] took elements of funk and added a dash if hip hop culture, producing a synthesiser-based sound that is still referenced by artists today. [[Electronica]] is a genre that covers a wide range of electronic music that, while using many of the same techniques used in the creation if dance music, is more often produced with home-listening in mind. Electronica experienced a massive growth in popularity when the availability of cheap home computers and software created a cottage industry of individuals creating recordings of a professional standard. [[Electronica/Dance is based around the use of synthesized and sampled sounds, with tempos ranging from beatless to 300 bpm. One of the more diverse and ever-evolving musical genres, Dance/Electronica subgenres typically range from blissfully relaxing chillout to hard-as-nails frantic.]] Acid House Downtempo House Techno Ambient Drum 'n' Bass IDM Trance Big Beat Electro Jungle Tribal Breakbeat Garage Progressive Trip Hop Disco Hard House