A freestyle főleg a sportban és a zenében használatos fogalom.
Zenei vonatkozásban kötetlen, szabad előadói stílust, improvizálásjelent

  • freestyle rap improvizált szöveggel
  • latin freestyle music, (ami az electro, disco, Italo-Disco, hip hop ötvözete )

Freestyle music is a form of hip hop dance (Latin hip hop, Latin pop) that originated from the electro-funk of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force's 1982 seminal track "Planet Rock". The style is characterized by Latin percussion, heavy syncopation, and themes of romance, love, and partying. Latinos make up the majority of the fans as well as those in the industry although the music has been popular to a certain extent with blacks and whites, particularly Greeks and Italians (especially during freestyle music's beginning stages). Freestyle music peaked in the mid to late '80s and saw a revival in the mid to late '90s but went virtually underground ever since.