Az emberi beszéd mesterséges előállítására szolgáló számítástechnikai rendszer a beszédszintetizátor, a vocoder.

Mi az a beszédszintetizátor?
The Vocoder (Voice Operated reCorDER) developed by Homer Dudley, a research physicist at Bell Laboratories, New Jersey USA, was a composite device consisting of an analyser and an artificial voice. The analyser detected energy levels of succesive sound samples measured over the entire audio frequency spectrum via a series of narrow band filters. The results of which could be viewed graphically as functions of frequency against time.

"At the 1939 World's Fair a machine called a Voder was shown . A girl stroked its keys and it emitted recognsable speech. No human vocal cords entered into the procedure at any point; the keys simply combined some electronically produced vibrations and passed these on to a loud-speaker."
("As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush, 1945. )

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