Cajun zene

In the late 1950s, a Creole named Clifton Chenier, who fancied himself a bluesman, versus an old-fashioned player of French Music, began calling his music Zydeco. There are several explanations as to what the term actually means, but Chenier was the first one to match the term with the genre. His music was bluesy, syncopated and much different than the peppy, punchy sound that many people somehow associate with Zydeco. He blazed the trail and made it clear that the music was quite different than Cajun music.

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Zydeco - OK, we admit it, you caught us. We're including zydeco just so we could get a 'Z' on the list and not have to end on 2tone. Zydeco is the quintessential obscure niche genre, being Louisiana home-grown folk music with Creole/ Cajun seasoning. It is also a blended genre, with a tradition of evolving and folding new genres back into itself again and again without losing its own character. Noted performers include Queen Ida, John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis, C. J. Chenier, and Geno Delafose. Now, hipsters, repeat after us: "I was into zydeco before it got popular!" Play this right, and no one will hear the end of it from you. ~ "Penguin" Pete Trbovich