line dance

Linedance (sortánc): a táncosok sorokban elhelyezkedve, azonos koreográfia szerint táncolnak.
A zene általában country (Achy Breaky), vagy hustle.

Tamás megjegyzései: 
American line dancing became more popular as a result of the John Travolta films Saturday Night Fever (which uses the line dance ‘hustle’) and Urban Cowboy. It was also popularised by the 1990s country music hit Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus, which had a line dance created for it. A line dance has a number of counts (eg a 64-count dance) - the number of beats needed to complete one sequence of the dance. A basic is one repetition of the main dance. A restart is a point at which the basic dance sequence is interrupted and the dance routine starts again from the beginning. American line dance steps American line dancers often wear American country and western style clothes. Movement is concentrated on the legs and torso. Dances are made up of movements called steps – there can be any number of movements in one step. Each dance consists of a number of walls. A wall is the direction in which the dancers face at any given time. In a one-wall dance, the dancers face the same direction at the end of the sequence as at the beginning.