A songwriter, dalköltõ, dalszerzõ dalokat ír, azaz komponálja a zenét és/vagy írja a dalszöveget.
Megbízásra, mások részére ír számokat, de gyakran elõfordul, hogy a songwriter maga lép mikrofon elé, és adja elõ dalait.
►singer-songwriter, zeneszerzõ

America's great songwriter: Irving Berlin ►

A “songwriter” designation has been assigned to composers or lyricists when it is unclear to EDVR editors how to categorize the contributions of a song’s creators. In many cases, individuals so designated were composers, but confirmation of this role could not be found in sheet music or other sources. In some cases, where sheet music examined included statements such as “By John Jones and Bill Smith,” or “Words and music by Jones and Smith,” both Jones and Smith are designated as songwriters.