húros hangszer

A húr rezgése következtében megszólaló hangszerek.

A hangképzés módja szerint megkülönböztetünk:


Different string playing techniques:

Bartok pizzicato: a string is pulled with force so it slams down on the fingerboard
Con legno: strings are played with the wooden part of the bow
detache: steady backward and forward movement of the bow
le grand detache: with full extent of the bow
legato: several notes with one bow movement
pizzicato: strings are plucked by fingers
ricochet: the bow bounces on a string with one string movement
spiccato: the bow bounces. A fast "staccato", marked by a dot beneath a note.
Staccato: the bow does not part with string, and stops. Marked by dot.
Sul ponticello: bow plays close to the bridge
Sul tasto: strings are bowed above the fingerboard
Tremolo: fast backward-forward movement on one or more strings